TWANS at StrumPDX Guitars

See and hear a real, honest to goodness, in person album release party live at StrumPDX Guitars, 1415 SE Stark St., Sunday, June 6, 3 pm. Tickets are $15.

TWANS is the elastic new music trio featuring Mike Lockwood, drums; Andrew Jones, bass and Mike Gamble, guitar. Their new recording is called LeapDay as it was recorded February 29 last year. 

“Welded from the fruits of their own labors, TWANS set out to dispel current myths, question ideologies and sardonically allude to nuances one would commonly dismiss. Between the three entities, there exists an unyielding desire to connect in another dimension and utilize that interplay to heighten the worth of their songs.”

The photo is by Reed Ricker and artwork is by Mike Gamble. LeapDay premieres online at, June 4.

TWANS at StrumPDX Guitars

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