CST Sci-Fi July

Utopias, dystopias, days of future past… July is Sci-Fi month at Clinton Street Theater. After this last year and a half, their programming is charging full speed ahead.

The beloved century old moviehouse was at its current location during the last epidemic in 1918 and, these days, they are looking ahead to more shows and looking behind to present celebrated classic films. Screening this month are Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris (the original), Blade Runner, Repo Man, Lizzie Borden’s Born In Flames, The Iron Giant and many others.

Now that Clinton Street is open again, beginning July 9, they’re showing late night cult classics on Fridays, such as a newly restored print of Doris Wishman’s Nude On The Moon; Japan’s first sci-fi film in color, Warning From Space, and John Carpenter’s Dark Star

If all that weren’t enough, Clinton Street hosts a week-long Portland premiere of Settlers – a new space western starring Sofia Boutella about a refugee family from Earth clinging to hope for a better life on a remote homestead among the Martian frontier.

Show times, details and plenty more at cstpdx.com.

CST Sci-Fi July

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