Marisa Green: Samsara/Samara

Marisa Green: Samsara/Samara is the new exhibit at AGENDA, 4505 SE Belmont St. through July 25. Suspended and floating in space, Green’s tiny ‘helicopters’ re-imagined in cut paper entice the viewer to contemplate the cycle of life, both physical and spiritual.

From her Artist Statement: “Mother Nature is our greatest teacher in her quiet knowing and acceptant embrace. Her lessons are often communicated most clearly when we lose a loved one; particularly when the heart is in deep need of repair and we are faced with our own mortality through proximity to death. 

“The word Samsara was gifted to me in a whisper. Only later did I learn the Latin word for maple seed is Samara. Upon further exploration I learned that the Hebrew and Arabic meaning for the feminine name Samara is Guardian or Protected by God. This comforting symbol of grace is a whirling metaphor for death, rebirth, the cycle of karma and the eventual achievement of nirvana.”

For more, see and See the art Wednesdays-Sundays, 11 am-4 pm.

Marisa Green: Samsara/Samara

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