PP&R Seeks Feedback on Tennis Courts

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) is currently seeking feedback on Portland’s tennis courts to inform the Outdoor Tennis Courts and Emerging Recreation Strategy for programming, maintenance and use of outdoor tennis and emerging court sports (futsal, bike polo, pickleball, etc).

There are 103 outdoor tennis courts located within 38 Portland parks, with only 30 of them considered to be in fair, good or excellent condition. The surface of these courts can be considered safe and enjoyable. The remaining 73 tennis courts have surfaces that are in poor condition.

PP&R has conducted research and analysis to draft initial actions for further consideration and is asking the public for their input prior to finalizing their strategy this fall. The draft strategy recommends:

• Providing outdoor tennis courts within three miles of Portland homes,

• Recognizing a tiered system for outdoor tennis courts (community tennis hubs, recreational courts and neighborhood courts), 

• Maintaining the 16 courts that are in good condition,

• Develop a program to renovate the 69 courts in fair to poor condition, with priority going to community tennis hubs and recreational courts in under-served areas, and

• Considering the reuse or removal of 18 courts at Alberta, Brentwood, Burlingame, Creston, Essex, Hillside, Lair Hill, Northgate, Pier, Rose City and Westmoreland parks. These courts could be reused for emerging court sports (see above) and skateboarding.

The project website, , provides a map of all tennis courts, the Draft Executive Summary of the Strategy, a list of FAQs and a comment form. Comments must be submitted by Tuesday, September 7, 5 pm. 

Additional questions can be directed to Katie Dunham, Parks Planner, at katie.dunham@portlandoregon.gov or 503.679.0826.

PP&R Seeks Feedback on Tennis Courts

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