Sidestreet Arts presents Processing, Pausing, and Perspective, the July exhibit featuring the work of Amy Fields and Beth Kerschen.

Fields starts with a lump of raw clay; Kerschen starts with images of her surroundings. Both artists use their materials to create beauty, encourage reflection and discover the unpredictable. 

Fields says of her work: “Pierced porcelain vessels begin as a lump of raw clay. That lump is thrown on the wheel, trimmed, carved, smoothed, fired, glazed, fired again, and finally sanded. Wood-fired pieces are fired for several days in a wood kiln. The atmosphere of super heated wood ash and soda ash melt and react with the minerals in the porcelain to glaze and color these works – in a way, painting with fire. It is exciting, and when successful, it can be truly beautiful.”

Beth Kerschen’s work

Kerschen said, “Processing The Big Pause: Everyone wants the world to go back to normal after the pandemic, but 2020 thoroughly exposed that our normal and our systems are not supportive of all of society. This work reflects how I processed our broken systems, the pause we had, and the changes needed in society and as an individual.”

July’s Small Works Spotlight: Clara Lanyi, one of Sidestreet’s first represented artists, shows her unique hand-cut ceramic jewelry and other goodies. 

Online Artist Studio Visit: Live from their studios Q&A, Sunday, July 11, 12-1 pm. Zoom link with event details at

Photo of Amy Fields’ work.


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