Pesticide Study and Panel Discussion

The League of Women Voters of Oregon recently published a study on improving the safe use of pesticides in Oregon. The study identifies five key areas of pesticide policy to be considered with recommendations for action. 

To supplement the study, the Portland LWV will be recording a panel discussion, Pesticides: Balancing Benefits & Risks, covering what Oregonians should know about pesticides.

Study areas include education, training and labeling; transparency and information gathering; funding, research and evaluation; adaptive management and integrated pest management; and burden of proof and the precautionary principal. 

The full 73-page study is available at

The video recording of the panel discussion will be available for viewing by Friday, September 17 at 

Moderated by Paula Grisafi, co-chair of the study, the panel includes Amelia Nester, Chair of the League Study and Senior Scientist at Northwest Green Chemistry; Andrea Sonnet, Lead Investigator, Pesticides Program, Oregon Department of Agriculture; Kevin Masterson, Toxics Coordinator, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality; and a speaker from Pineros Y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCIM), the farmworkers’ union. 

Local Leagues throughout the state will consider the video and study to find consensus on how the League should support or oppose policies that will affect the use of pesticides and biocides in the future.

Pesticide Study and Panel Discussion

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