Leaf Day 2021

Leaf Day, Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) annual service to provide cleaner, safer streets, keep storm drains clear to ensure intersections don’t flood, takes place in November and December. The service is free for residents of Leaf Districts, no need to opt in or opt out.

Everyone living in a Leaf District should receive a brochure in the mail with information of the schedule in their area and directions on how to make the most of the service. 

Residents can visit portland.gov/transportation/maintenance/leaf-day and enter an address to find out which Leaf District they are in. There is an option to sign up for an email or text reminder from PBOT.

Some Leaf Districts have a single pick-up day while others have two pick-up days. 

The day before pick-up, residents should rake the leaves they would like to have picked up into the street. Only tree leaves should be included, with regular yard bins being used for twigs, branches, needles, grass clippings and other debris. 

To make pick-up easier for PBOT’s street sweepers, keep one foot of space between leaf piles and the curb as well as any vehicles that are parked on the street so sweepers can get as close to the curb as possible. Low-hanging tree limbs (anything below 11 feet) should be trimmed. 

Whenever possible, vehicles and other objects should be moved off the street. 

Residents of or visitors to certain Leaf Districts in NW, SW and Sullivan’s Gulch should be aware that vehicles are required to be moved off the street on cleaning days. Those that remain on the street are subject to a citation and tow.

If your yard/garden could use compost, you can buy it from PBOT’s Sunderland Yard Recycling Facility (where PBOT crews hauls the collected leaves). Details at portland.gov/transportation/maintenance/buy-compost

Leaf Day 2021

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