random (8) at Agenda

Noah Matteucci’s random (8), the new exhibit at Agenda Gallery, 4505 SE Belmont St., runs from November 13-December 12. The show is an installation of woodblock prints combining digital technology with analog printmaking. Matteucci writes looping algorithms that generate images of noise creating randomized pixelated grids. The grids are physically mapped by hand onto a printing matrix using woodblocks and inked and printed on paper with a table-top etching press. 

The title of the work, random (8), refers to the function in the code that generates random numbers (1 to 8) used to assign the color of each pixel/woodblock: 1 = cyan, 2 = magenta, 3 = yellow, 4 = black, etc. 

Matteucci is a printmaker living and working in the Fine Arts Department at WSU Vancouver. The Artist Reception is Saturday, November 13, from 3-6 pm. 

See NoahMatteucci.com and Agenda-PDX.com.

Image: “Color and Scale”

random (8) at Agenda

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