Student Journalists Contribute to The Southeast Examiner

By Nora Hugo and Sophie McEwen

The Franklin Post staff are excited to announce they will be bringing young voices to The Southeast Examiner this school year by contributing one student written piece per issue starting in December. 

The Post is Franklin High School’s student-run newspaper led by Editors in Chief Nora Hugo, Sophie McEwen, Oliver Fox and a staff of section editors. 

The paper has a total writing staff of 35 sophomores, juniors and seniors with multiple other leadership positions. They rely on connections within the community and partnerships with local businesses to fund the newspaper.

The first issue of The Post was published in January 1915 in a magazine format, featuring a dedication to school spirit and a robust literary section. 

In the 100-plus years since then, the publication has grown exponentially. Franklin English and Journalism teacher Elizabeth Kirsch took over The Post as its advisor in 2014 with a staff of around 25. 

With increasing interest in the program, they are able to write about more issues important to the student body and produce excellent student journalism. 

This year marks the largest staff since 2014, and the first year back since learning online during the pandemic. They are focused on creating the best in-person experience for the staff as possible and bringing the community work they were not able to produce last year. 

Their mission is to bring a student perspective to local issues and inform the community about current school events. The paper  has seven sections; News, Feature, Forum, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Variety and Literary. 

All students at Franklin are welcome to contribute to The Post in the form of editorials, opinion pieces, creative writing or art, and the paper is committed to including all viewpoints in their stories. 

Striving for factual, informed reporting, stories are edited thoroughly to make sure the paper provides the community with sound, reliable information. Their goal is to interview students and staff at school and members of the wider community.

The Post has published stories about gender inequities in athletics, student perspectives on local elections and even reviews of local food places. 

A few years ago, the paper started an investigative team called Frontline, dedicated to investigating issues in and around the school with intent to inform the community and raise awareness of inequities that have yet to be addressed. 

The first year of Frontline investigated school athletics, and continues to report on important issues in the school community, as well as local issues.

The Post staff and community is close-knit and work together to produce the best paper possible. 

The staff is incredibly excited to start contributing to The Southeast Examiner and look forward to collaborating in the future in order to widen the scope to bring student voices to the forefront of local conversations. 

The Post will also be broadening distribution this year, so readers can expect to find copies at local businesses, farmers markets and schools.

All student journalism can be found online at The most recent issue was published on the website Friday, October 29. Paper copies will be distributed the first week of November. 

Student Journalists Contribute to The Southeast Examiner

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