Portland Urban Coyote Project

A group of Portland State University and Oregon State University researchers have been working in collaboration with Portland Audubon for the last few years to understand how humans and coyotes live together here. 

The projects has three major goals: provide up-to-date information about living with coyotes, collect and map coyote sightings in the Portland metro area and conduct in-depth analyses of coyote sighting dates and report on the findings.

The website, portlandcoyote.com, includes a sightings map broken down by year, a page to report sightings, a tutorial for people to learn more about coyotes and a research snapshot of sightings 2015-2018.

Coyotes will typically run away from humans when encountered. If they don’t, help discourage them by shouting and waving your arms. 

If coyotes feel unwelcome, they are likely to be seen less frequently. 

If a coyote is very difficult to scare away or is acting aggressively, call the Portland Audubon Society at 503.292.6855 to report the coyote’s behavior.

Portland Urban Coyote Project

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