Business Association Notes February 2022

Hawthorne Blvd. Business Association

By Nancy Chapin

A warm welcome to the Boulevard Beautification Bunch! We recognize there are a few areas on Hawthorne that don’t have business people and neighbors looking after them or they are so daunting (some of the graffiti, for example) that it takes special preparation to clean them up. Their first venture out will be Saturday, February 12, 10 am-Noon. Meet at Dairy Hill Ice Cream, SE 36th Ave. and Hawthorne Blvd., and head out from there or if you’ve signed up for a business block, let us know. Bring gloves, bucket, bags and a picker if you have them; if not, we do. 

We are still looking for ideas for Mother’s Day Saturday (May 7) specials and or events as well as Father’s Day Saturday (June 18). One suggestion is a bingo type card with specials and prizes. We’d really like to highlight businesses in lower and upper Hawthorne to balance out the Street Fair being in the middle. Ideas? Contact  

The Boy Scouts will be out again with flags for Presidents’ Day Monday, February 21. Some of the holes have disappeared. Let us know if you have one that doesn’t get a flag in it or if your business wants to create a place for a flag (a 1/2 to 3/4 inch hole about 8-10 inches deep). Thank you to all the businesses who support the flag project and to the Boy Scouts and their parents who are out early in the morning and make it happen.

See you on the Boulevard!

Business Association Notes February 2022

1 thought on “Business Association Notes February 2022”

  1. Hi Nancy!

    This is Kristin Ludwig.

    I am writing my memoir of growing up in the 50s on Hawthorne.
    I have reached out to Or. Historical Society-no word from them-emails, phone calls…

    I cannot find any info-age-etc. about my dad’s apt. building on 1509 se 35th avenue and 1515 se 35th. He called it the Ho-Ti Apts. Really old, built when?

    It burned down in mid 60s…no record available about when, that i can find… Also the business names of the storefronts my dad Harry Ludwig owned from 34th and 35th facing Hawthorne. One i know was called the Hawthorne beauty shop.

    Other sites abt which i seek Info: Bagdad theatre, the drug store and its name on 36th, El Sombrero restaurant, the Tu-Be tavern on 36th and Hawthorne.

    Many warm thanks…our paths cross once again!

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