Business Association Notes April 2022

Hawthorne Blvd. Business Association

By Nancy Chapin

The Boulevard is getting more active every day! Dairy Hill Ice Cream now has indoor service and other businesses are opening up, too. It is also great to see the unique seating areas that continue to serve food and drink outside.

The Boulevard Beautification Bunch (BBB) had our second monthly clean-up Saturday, March 12 and the next one will be Saturday, April 9, 10 am-Noon. The BBB is growing and letting the community know Hawthorne businesses and neighbors care about how the district presents itself. It is also good to see that many people are taking care of a block or two in between the monthly clean-ups. 

Applications are now available for the Hawthorne Street Fair (HSF), scheduled for Sunday, August 28. Find HSF applications to print off and send in on our website,, which has other new features as well.

Plans are in process for a week-long event to celebrate the moms in our lives. Watch for the roll out in our May update.   

We are looking at a possible location for a permanent Portland public street plaza. If you have a suggestion for a location, please let us know at

82nd Ave. Business Association

By Nancy Chapin

PBOT is working on getting Oregon State Route 213 (82nd Ave.) ready to transition from ownership by the state to the city of Portland. We are hoping to see many changes in pedestrian safety measures: sidewalk and street lighting, sidewalks, curbs, corner ramps and continued access to businesses and services on and near the Ave.

TriMet’s Rapid Transit project is nearing completion. There will be a celebration in September.  

The Association is planning its annual meeting in May. That will be a time to celebrate our successful monthly clean-ups which started again this March. Check out for dates and to sign-up. We will also kick-off the 2022 “Around the World in 82 Dishes” event at the annual meeting. 

Lasting over three weekends from October 29-November 13, we are looking forward to special events, special prices and celebrating the more than 250 eating and drinking establishments on and near the Ave. Please share your ideas for “Around the World in 82 Dishes” with the Board and the Planning Team at 

The next Zoom Board meeting (open to all) will be held Tuesday, April 19, 3:30 pm. Email us at for the link.

Business Association Notes April 2022

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