Brassens 101 Released

Singer-songwriter Eric John Kaiser has been reimagining French music through an American lens for over a decade and has recently released a new mini album, “Brassens 101.”  The six-song album is a tribute to French iconic singer-songwriter Georges Brassens. 

Kaiser says, “Being raised in a multicultural family in the suburbs of Paris by an American mom and a French dad, Brassens represented for me a certain form of traditional French chanson and music. I’ve always liked his songwriting and storytelling and I wanted to revisit some of his songs with more of an ‘Americana’ and Portland sound.”

To achieve that “Portland sound” Kaiser asked his musician friend and multi instrumentalist Todd Bayles to help. Bayles has recorded with artists like Dirty Martini, Tony Furtado, Rob Stroup and others. He also brought in Patti Kaiser for background vocals; producer Adam Selzer and vocalist Alain Gandit to round out his “dream team.”

The album is available exclusively on Bandcamp, a choice Kaiser made because it is an “all in one” online record store that offers a streaming service, downloads, CDs and merchandise. Kaiser frequently plays at breweries and wineries in the Portland area; find dates, locations and a link to the new album at

Brassens 101 Released

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