Denise Krueger at Sidestreet Arts

Ceramicist Denise Krueger’s work is on display at Sidestreet Arts, 140 SE 28th Ave., through July 31. Her hand-built earthenware sculptures, inspired by natural forms and landscapes, use bright and cheerful colors. Krueger often describes herself as a “pod maker,” speaking the sculptures’ look of having been plucked out of tidal pools. 

Collectors of Krueger’s work often talk about handing her pieces in formations on walls to create swirling groupings that replicate the rich life of the ocean.

Sublimity Tide Pool (above) was hand-built with earthenware clay and glazed with bright colors and textures that reflect tide pool dwellers. The 4.25” square piece (available for $55) is one of many that will be on display.

In addition to Krueger’s works, find ones from Gail Owen and Christopher Delange. Visit Sidestreet Arts in person Thursdays-Sundays 12-5 pm or online at

Denise Krueger at Sidestreet Arts

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