Dungeons & Flagons

Adventurers! Are you a 3rd level Halfling bard? A 5th level half-Orc paladin? A Dragonborn druid? Do you seek fame, glory, and treasure? Are you willing to test your might and wit against the forces of Evil? 

If you like Dungeons & Dragons or even think you might like Dungeons & Dragons, this is the event for you. Come out Monday, August 1, 4:30-9 pm for an evening of D&D, beer and a delicious meal prepared special for all of us tavern folk.

Bring your mightiest 20-sided die, 5th Edition character sheet, dice, something to take notes with and your bag of holding to Gigantic Brewing, 5224 SE 26th Ave., where adventure awaits.

Tickets ($45) include two beers, meal and four-hour adventure run by a skilled Dungeon Master. Purchase at bit.ly/DandDatGigantic, selecting your character level at purchase. Questions? Feel free to reach out to Josh at josh@5440brewing.com.

Dungeons & Flagons

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