PPS Summer 2022 Programming

The Portland Public School’s (PPS) $15 million program for Summer 2022 is the most robust programming package in PPS and state history, with more than 50 programs that will provide a wide array of enrichment opportunities. 

PPS is partnering with over 50 community organizations to provide a host of free summer enrichment camps for over 7,500 students across programming. A few highlights of the programing include:


Theater camps will provide students aged 11 -18 hands-on experience in all aspects of theater performance, including a camp for Spanish speakers and learners. 

Feed the Mass 

Science is Life and Building Blocks to Success programming that provides practical life skills, STEM and Science Based education to students of all ages such as food science and preparation and Lego Robotics will be offered.

Village Resiliency 

Wellness Squads will serve middle school students with project based learning and creative expression such as shoe painting/design, candle making and a stress tool kit. The focus is on building social and emotional health, stress management and building healthy identity.

Play It Forward

The songwriting camp for grade school students will offer the opportunity to try different instruments and publish a songbook printed and distributed to students after camp. 

Visit ppsfamilysupports.com for a full listing of opportunities.

Another component of the programming is over 500 youth employment opportunities in 36 of the programs where high school students can earn significant wages while exploring careers in science, technology, child care, education and the arts. 

Those opportunities include 30 student interns with IRCO who will be able to earn $1,000 stipends to participate in community service and community restoration projects; 40 high school students employed by SEI as assistant coaches and instructors for their summer programs, paying $16/hour for 30 hours/week; and 18 high school assistant teachers, employed at $17/hour by Portland Playhouse, that will be mentored in and out of the classroom by a Youth Career Manager.

There is still time for families to enroll their students in programs, including free child care for qualifying families.  Please see the menu of options at pps.net/summer2022

PPS Summer 2022 Programming

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