Satori Call for Singers

Change up being a member of the audience at a show to being part of what the audience is coming to enjoy by joining Satori Men’s Chorus for their 2022-23 season. 

Satori Men’s Chorus is a non-auditioned, multi-level choral group where people of all ages and musical abilities have the opportunity to sing, grow as musicians and enjoy friendship and harmony. They perform at least three concerts between September and mid-June featuring a variety of musical styles, including traditional, contemporary pop, Broadway, folk, classical, jazz and gospel.

Some of Satori’s members have been singing for many years. Others are returning to what they loved at an earlier time. Maybe it’s time you returned to the joy of making music as well. 

Satori is committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. All are treated with respect and dignity. All are welcome into Satori. The Chorus is not affiliated with any political or religious organization. All members are required to have up to date COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots. The Chorus  rehearses in an air-purified location. 

Satori’s in-person and Zoom rehearsals begin Wednesday, September 7. Potential new members are welcome to attend rehearsals while the Chorus prepares for Satori’s first concert of the season. Sight reading is not required and you don’t have to audition. You do have to be able to match pitch and promise to practice. All voices that sing in the Tenor/Baritone/Bass registers are invited to try out. 

Practice tracks are used to help learn the music. Members pay dues, currently $35 per month, which goes to pay the director, purchase music and to defray general operating expenses. 

Additional information is available at the Satori Men’s Chorus website,, or at weekly rehearsals. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings, 7-9 pm at Unity Church of Portland, 4525 SE Stark St. 

Satori Call for Singers

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