Antero Alli Film at Clinton St.

Portland filmmaker Antero Alli premieres his newest flick, “Tracer,” a cat and mouse yarn unraveling through a maze of underworld drug culture, quantum nonlocality and a fractured family trying to pick up the pieces, at Clinton Street Theater Tuesday, September 20, 7:30-9:30 pm.

The Psi-Fi Noir Suspense film has Erik returning home to reunite with his family after seven years of world travel. He first visits his ex-girlfriend, Polly, with high hopes of rekindling their love, but Polly has changed. She now channels a Polish ancestor in a vlog on her mission to expose the corruption of the Patriarchy. When Erik visits his father, Leo, on his yacht, his boyhood superhero fantasies of his father are tested against Leo’s shady, perilous past. Finally, he sets out to find out why his mother, Corinna, abandoned him as a boy. Meanwhile a psychic hitman in the Russian mafia experiments with a new designer drug to increase his remote viewing skills. 

Finnish-born Alli is an underground filmmaker whose deep background in creating experimental theatre imprints his films with surrealistic and theatrical sensibility. He is also an author with seven titles in print, as well as an astrologer.

Alli and the all-Portland cast (Rick Wilding, Kasia Caravello, Benjamin Ervin, Ellen Pinney, Douglas Allen, Sage Reilly, Michael Streeter and West Ramsey) will be in attendance. Tickets ($10) at .

Antero Alli Film at Clinton St.

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