Jam Packed Month at CST

Halloween month is a big one at Clinton Street Theater (CST) with a laundry list of horror films and special events, too many to go into all of them, but here are three of them to peak your interest. First off is Trailermania Monsters Edition on Sunday, October 9, 4 pm, projected from the 16mm reels of archivist Greg Hamilton and guest archivist Stuart McPherran. Whether it’s body snatchers, mummies, vampires or men from Mars, you’ll see some classic horror and sci-fi movie trailers from the 1930s through the 60s, featuring some of the most influential cinema of both genres. Travel back in time, beware of the moon, visit strange new worlds and scare your pants off with this vintage journey into the creepy unknown.

Then on Thursday, October 13, 7-9 pm it’s the director’s cut of William Friedkin’s 1973 classic The Exorcist. One of the greatest supernatural thrillers of all time, it’s unsettling like no other.

Finally, the theater that has the longest-running screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the world, presents three opportunities for special screenings with the Clinton Street Cabaret shadow cast. Choose from Saturday, October 1, 15 or 22 shows, all of which start at 11:59 pm. Tickets for these, and all CST shows, at cstpdx.com

Jam Packed Month at CST

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