39-year-old Portland-based Projekt Records is home to artists in the electronic, ambient, space music and ethereal genres. With over 89 million tracks streamed in 2021, the label flourishes with bi-weekly releases of new and classic titles. Surviving throughout the decades where so many others perished, Projekt continues to nurture the careers of its select roster of artists. 

2022 has been no different with more than 50 stellar releases. Projekt2022, a new label sampler, brings together 14 tracks, primarily from the label’s ambient side with a touch of ethereal darkwave. These sonic worlds tempt the listener toward dream and contemplation.

Discover the latest from veteran synthesist and ambient composer Steve Roach, as well as the re-issue of a legendary 1981 cosmic classic from Michael Stearns. Beautifully introspective guitar-based electronic from Erik Wøllo soothes the soul. 

New to the label is Peter Phippen with his mystical flute music that channels ancient voices. Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s string-laden emotive whirlwind complements Paulina Fae’s sensual dreampop. 

Australians theAdelaidean and Deepspace, Arizona’s Serena Gabriel working with Steve Roach, Italians Jarguna and Lorenzo Montanà invite you to dreamlike realms. Europe’s Alio Die & Dirk Serries create liquid soundscapes of sonic beauty. California’s Forrest Fang mixes western and eastern influences on a deep sonic dive.

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