Self-Care in Five Steps

By Kris McDowell

Work, school or other obligations can cause stress in our lives. Particular months or days throughout the year can be stressful for some as they mourn the passing of loved ones. Even planning for “fun” events, like a vacation, can be stressful. The Urban League of Portland,, has five self-care ideas if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or sad, to give yourself the break you deserve from whatever is the cause.

Listen to music

Find music that helps you relax. Play an old album that you haven’t listened to in a while or put together a calming playlist on your favorite streaming app, sit back and relax a while.

Disconnect from technology

It can be difficult to do, but we can get caught up in everything we see on TV, our phones and the internet without realizing it. Disconnect by consciously turning off the TV/phone/internet and go out for a walk, find a park to relax in or take a roadtrip to a location that you find calming, like the beach or a favorite nature path.

Do something nice for yourself

Cook a nice meal for yourself or take yourself out for a nice dinner. Buy yourself something that will make you smile or even just write yourself a note full of encouragement. Sometimes when we’re caught up in everyday struggles, we forget that we deserve to be treated well. Nobody can treat you better than you can treat yourself.

Spend time with loved ones

Self-care and being with loved ones go hand in hand. Take time to visit a loved one, friend or family, or give that person a call. Sometimes checking in on a friend or family member is just what you need (and they might need it just as much).

Try something new and different

Many of us get stuck in the same daily routines and become confirmed to our comfort zones. You don’t have to skydive on the first impulse, but try something you never thought about doing. If it doesn’t pan out, no worries. But what if it does? Either way, doing something new can break up the monotony of the everyday.

Self-care looks different for everyone and doesn’t have to take much time out of your day. By carving out a little time to put yourself first, you’ll be in a better position to care for those around you.

Self-Care in Five Steps

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