Oregon Music Census Open

Input is needed from musicians and music businesspeople on the State of Oregon’s Music Census. The state has authorized an important statewide census for all independent musicians, music businesses and music venues to measure the impact of independent music on the economy. Those who make any money in music are encouraged to visit OregonMusicCensus.org to complete a brief (5-10 minutes) anonymous survey.

The census will collect the state’s first quantified information about the economic, employment and demographic scope of Oregon’s music economy. Never before has Oregon’s commercial music economy and impact been examined so it is no surprise that the economic realities of professional, independent music are not visible to policymakers or investors. Through the advocacy efforts of MusicPortland and MusicOregon, the state legislature has funded comprehensive emerging sector market analysis of commercial music and live performance. 

The data will be used by Business Oregon and researchers at Portland State University’s Northwest Economic Research Center (NERC) to complete the state’s first economic impact studies of commercial music and live performance. The study will inform future music-supporting policy initiatives and programs.

Complete this census if you are an income-generating recording, composing or performing musical artist; own or operate a business that hosts live music (from dedicated concert halls to occasional live music programming at a bar or restaurant); own or manage any kind of commercial music business, including but not limited to a recording studio, record label, music retailer, instrument or gear maker/fixer, professional support (manager, agent, lawyer, etc.), distribution, marketing, creative support (video, photography, graphic design, etc.). The census is open through Sunday, January 15.

Oregon Music Census Open

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