Happy Hour History Series

Portland filmmaker David S. Mayne has released a five-episode documentary series connecting cocktails to important historical events with “Happy Hour History.” Bringing together America’s top bartenders, historians and film artists, each episode starts with a cocktail that is traced back to an historical event that changed our world forever. Then, after a brief history that includes Monty Python-inspired animations and historical recreations, the bartenders teach viewers how to make the classic cocktail at home.

Familiar classic cocktails, like Bees Knees and the Scofflaw during the Prohibition Era, helped frame the early Women’s Rights Movement; the Moscow Mule is connected to a catastrophic WWII battle. “Think of us as ‘Drunk History’s’ nerdy cousin,” says Mayne. “We have fun with history using recreations and wacky animations, but all of our stories are verified by university historians.”

Mayne has been a filmmaker for over three decades, having written and directed both national commercials and documentaries, including episodes of PBS’ “The History Detectives.” He passionately believes in the power of film/video to make the world a smarter, funnier and better place. “I’ve combined my background of work on documentaries and commercials to mix what I hope will be the perfect cocktail of a web series.”

The documentary series is now streaming on Amazon at bit.ly/3WcbFwc with individual episodes starting at $1.99 each and watch party options.

Happy Hour History Series

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