Paid Leave Oregon Program Begins

A new program from the state of Oregon allows individuals, employers and families–of every kind–to take paid time off for many of life’s most important moments that impact our families and our health and safety rolled out at the beginning of the year. 

The Paid Leave Oregon program is paid for by employers and employees. Employers pay 40 percent and employees pay 60 percent of the contribution rate (one percent for 2023). This will come in the form of a paycheck deduction that will not be more than 0.6 percent of gross wages.

Employees who made at least $1,000 the year before applying for Paid Leave and quality for benefits may be eligible. Whether you work full-time, part-time, for more than one job or employer, it counts. Individuals who are self-employed or independent contractors are not automatically covered, but can choose coverage. Employees can start applying for benefits September 3.

Paid time off can be taken for family leave (birth of a child; bonding with a child in the first year either after birth, through adoption or when placed in a home through foster care; caring for a family member with a serious illness or injury), medical leave for yourself when there is a serious illness or injury and safe leave for survivors of sexual assaults, domestic violence, harassment or stalking. 

Up to 12 weeks off may be taken in a year, with an additional two weeks available in some pregnancy-related situations. Leave can be taken a single day at a time or by the week. If you have been with your employer for more than 90 days, your job is protected while on leave and employers cannot deny the leave or fire or threaten eligible employees for taking time off.

While on leave, Paid Leave Oregon pays you a percentage of your wages depending on how much you earn based on your average wage in the previous year. For a minimum wage employee earning $540 per week, Paid Leave provides $540. A medium income employee (making $1,289 weekly) would receive $1,042. A high income employee (making $2,555 weekly or more) would receive $1,449. Employers do not pay the employee while they are away. 

To learn more about Paid Leave Oregon, consider attending one of the free webinars being held in February. Each session will include a 20-minute overview presentation by a member of the Paid Leave Oregon team, followed by time for Q&A. All sessions will have American Sign Language and Spanish interpreters with other interpretation available upon request by emailing 

Sessions are scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 3 pm; Tuesday, February 7, 7 am and Thursday, February 9, 3 pm. Register at .

Paid Leave Oregon Program Begins

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