Florence + The Machine Tribute Drag Show

Friday, April 7 brings a local group of queer and trans performance artists to the historic Clinton Street Theater for a tribute to English indie rock group Florence + The Machine. The visually stunning, multimedia show will use the film screen as a dynamic backdrop to explore the impressive 15-year catalog of Florence + The Machine through a lens of queer artistry. Performers include The Pitbull of Burlesque Lola Coquette, Portland’s Punk Rock Tia (Marla Darling), Phantom X, Portland’s bearded bisexual beauty Zepheur, Aras Arcadia, Sue from Corporate, Carmen and Ripper Simmore Flesh.

“Florence + The Machine’s intimate, vulnerable tales of joy and heartache have always resonated with queer audiences,“ producer and host Sugarpill said of the group’s music. “Before becoming a worldwide sensation, Florence Welch performed in London drag bars. Her reverence for our community has intertwined her history with ours, and I can’t wait to celebrate that at the show.” Born and raised in Portland, Sugarpill celebrates 10 years of creating and curating drag this September and received a grant from Regional Area Arts Council (RACC) to document Portland’s rich history of drag artistry.

Tickets for the one-night-only, 21+ 8 pm show ($15) are available at sugarpillpdx.com/ceremonials.

Florence + The Machine Tribute Drag Show

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