Keep Your Water Meter Clear

Now that spring has sprung and grass and plants are growing fast, it’s a good time to make sure to maintain the planting area between the sidewalk and the street, taking particular care to make sure the area around your water meter isn’t overgrown. Water Bureau field staff need to be able to locate and read your water meter regularly but if it is blocked, they can’t do their jobs.

Generally water meters are located in front of a house or business on the street side of the sidewalk or inside a meter box that is set into the sidewalk or flush to the ground. The city recommends keeping the grass trimmed to the edge of the meter box; removing all branches hanging lower than six feet over the meter box; and keeping everything off the meter box, including trash cans and recycling bins. 

If parked vehicles, overgrown plants, yard debris and construction materials prevent meter readers and maintenance crews from doing their jobs, a take will be placed on your door. 

For questions about your water meter, call customer service at 503.823.7770 or email

Keep Your Water Meter Clear

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