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SE Uplift invites community members to make a difference each month in neighborhoods throughout the SE Uplift district by joining one of their new or existing community committees. All meetings are currently taking place via Zoom on weekday evenings.

Their new committees are Climate Justice Action and Civic Engagement. Climate Justice Action will be working at the intersections of climate and social justice in SE Portland and beyond to build urban resiliency amidst a changing climate. They meet every second Monday, 7-8 pm, with the next meeting taking place June 12. 

Civic Engagement meets every fourth Thursday, 7-8 pm, to curate programming that encourages participation in governmental policy decision making, and provides a forum for public discourse on civic topics that matter to the lives of SE Portland residents and beyond. Their next meeting is June 26.

Existing committees looking for new participants are Houslessness Action, a community exchange forum and action catalyst for inner SE, and Land Use & Transportation, a way to stay informed about sustainable land use and transportation developments in the district and beyond. 

Learn more about Houselessness at; they meet every fourth Monday, 5:30-6:30 pm. Houseless Action Committee Chair Stuart Zeltzer can be reached at to answer questions or supply agendas and archived meeting notes/agendas.

Details on Land Use & Transportation, meeting the third Monday of the month, 7-8 pm, at The next meeting dates are June 19 and 26 respectively. For questions, agenda requests or archived meeting notes/agendas, contact Matchu Williams at or 503.232.0010.

Join a Community Committee

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