Letter to the Editor – February 2024

To the Editor:

I encourage all of you reading this letter, to join me in supporting Mary Lou Hennrich as our next Oregon House Representative for District 46. I have personally known Mary Lou for over 20 years as a neighbor, as a professional nurse and health expert, and as someone who is very passionate about our neighborhoods, our City, our County and our futures together.
There are many huge challenges ahead for all of us, but Mary Lou, with her years of broad health related experience and accomplishments, is someone who is truly in the “cat-bird” seat for advocating and/or establishing policies and programs that will certainly make a difference for all citizens. Her key words being passionate, progressive and persistent truly define her, and we need that leadership and experience in Salem as our representatives address current and future challenges, both known and unknown, that are ahead for all of us.
Please join me in supporting Mary Lou Hennrich for Oregon House District 46 in our upcoming May election.

Dave Hillman

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Letter to the Editor – February 2024

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