When My Bluebird Sings is Mary Flower’s 10th recording, the first released on her own label, Bluesette Records and this time out, it’s a solo project. The press release says “Flower’s immense fingerpicking guitar and lap-slide prowess is soulful and meter-perfect; a deft blend of the inventive, the dexterous and the mesmerizing…” and that’s not hyperbole. She covers a lot of musical ground.

AMFlower-CD_frontInternationally-known for her ragtime, swing and jazz skills, and her songwriting and teaching, for Mary Flower, it’s never about re-creation of frozen musical museum pieces. Her playing is perpetually contemporary and her dedication to the form is a vital contribution to music.

With roadwings that take her all over creation, she plays Merlefest, Kerrville Folk Fest, King Biscuit, Prairie Home Companion, Calgary Folk Festival, and many other distant ports of call.

The local celebration for When My Bluebird Sings, is planned for Sunday, August 24 at Secret Society Ballroom, 116 NE Russell St. Hear Flower’s fingerstyle music from Piedmont to the Mississippi Delta and the latest road tales from her extensive career begins at 7 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.

She says “The new CD is a mix of lap slide instrumentals and guitar pieces with vocals, all original. Some of these tunes have been rumbling around in my head for quite a while and seemed well-suited for a solo project.” Hear a concert preview at maryflower.com.