Two SE Portland artists are a part of an exhibit in the spirit of rejuvenation, rebirth and environmental conservation with “palpable artworks” at two shows next door to each other opening Aug. 8 at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center and Nisus Gallery, 8371 N. Interstate Ave. Artist Reception is Friday, Aug. 8, 6 pm to 9 pm.

“Brian” by Natalie Sept

“Brian” by Natalie Sept

Glean is at Disjecta, a group show featuring Sarah Bernstein, Francesca Berrini, and three others. All artist materials were taken from Metro’s Central Transfer Station in NW Portland.

The Nisus hosts Natalie Sept’s solo show, “Waste Not”; a series of paintings of Transfer Station employees and their daily work receiving and separating our vast volume of discarded detritus.

The exhibits hopes to raise awareness of our collective trash habits. Residents and businesses generate more than 2.1 million tons of both garbage and recyclables. About 60 percent of that figure is recovered for recycling and composting. Nearly 40 percent, or roughly 800,000 tons, gets sent to landfills.

Glean is an environmental arts and education program and a collaboration between Metro and Recology, an employee-owned organization administering Glean. Learn more at  Exhibits run through August 31.