North Tabor Sept 2016

By Gabe Frayne

North Tabor’s rapidly increasing residential density continues apace as two new demolition and construction projects were unveiled at Land Use and Transportation Committee meetings over the summer.

A single home on a 10,000 square foot lot at 24 NE 60th Ave will be demolished to make way for 14 apartments with eleven parking spaces. The architects described the project as “workforce housing”, but several residents expressed concern about increased on-street parking and the fact that the entrance will be located on a busy stretch of 60th.

Two blocks west at 111 NE 58th, a single home with a separate duplex will give way to six condo units, all with parking spaces. The main objection here was the inevitable demise of a tall, mature fir tree on the property in an area where the tree canopy is becoming noticeably thinner.

The NTNA board has endorsed the city council’s recommendation to designate East Burnside as the city’s “main bike commuter corridor into downtown.” As Burnside St. in its entirety is on Portland’s top-ten list of “high crash” corridors, the city’s Vision Zero plan will soon require E. Burnside to be reduced to two lanes of traffic with bike lanes on either side.

Not all North Tabor residents are on board, however. Some have pointed out that there already exists a well-established east-west greenway just two blocks north of Burnside, and that measures to reduce traffic on Burnside could conceivably push traffic into the neighborhood’s narrow side streets. Moreover, a 2013 PBOT study found that in 2002-2011, 76 percent of pedestrian-involved accidents on Burnside occurred west of the bridge.

The annual NTNA board elections will take place at the monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 18. Residents are urged to attend.

The department of Environmental Services has published its schedule for construction works to replace North Tabor’s aging sewers. Residents should pay special attention to the tree trimming that will accompany the construction to make room for equipment to work in the streets. This is separate from PG&E’s tree-trimming around electrical cables, also scheduled to begin this year. For more information go to

The annual North Tabor block party will take place on Sunday, September 18 at the intersection of NE Davis and 53rd. The main activities will be a touch up of the intersection’s mandala and a “sweet and savory” pot luck. All residents are invited.

North Tabor Sept 2016

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