DCBA Pres.: Sydney Mead

email sydney@habitatellc.com

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond 

7:30 am 

3930 SE Division


OHSU’s Richmond Clinic can do more than traditional health care by collaborating with community partners. The clinic helps with food insecurity by connecting their eligible patients to Community Supported Agriculture (produce boxes) they can pick up weekly, and for Cooking Matters classes through the Oregon Food Bank and Zenger Farms. Neighbors can be proud of the work the clinic does on their behalf.

We’re still trying to find a way to reduce the number of cigarette butts on the street. We can’t put them on poles in the bioswales; we can’t attach them to the bus stops, and we can’t attach them to any city poles or signs on the sidewalk. We’re temporarily stumped.

Division Clinton is cleaning the street. Join us on October 22, at St Honore, 3333 SE Division between 10 am and noon. Vanquish trash with a litter pickup and a bucket. Become a Litter-picking Superhero and four neighborhoods will thank you.

A bank is finally coming to Division. Trailhead Credit Union will open in a couple of months after the space at 3554 SE Division is adapted for their use to serve Portland neighborhoods with a full range of consumer and business banking services. The credit Union replaces Coffee Kids.

AIDD, a woman’s boutique, moved into 1100 SE Division, #130.  Cristin Ayala specializes in apparel, gifts, and botanics.

Gild Shoes is now at 3370 SE Division. Rockin Crab Café moved into 3113 SE Division St.

Spielman Coffee moved across the street and was replaced by Scotty’s Pizza at 2128 SE Division. Scotty’s is holding its grand opening and already earning five star reviews. Spielman Coffee is now at 2111 SE Division

Businesses leaving SE Division include Rose City Kombucha at 3611, Koi Fusion at 3040, and Clay’s Smokehouse at 2932. All are papered over, which means that each has a new business preparing to move in.

Contact President Sydney Mead at sydney@habitatellc.com or Katie Meyer at dcbakatie@gmail.com.


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