High and Low Gallery’s (936 SE 34th Ave.) new show on First Friday November 3, 6 pm is Suspended Moments – an exhibition of artworks by Nathan Seay. The showcase of oil paintings and charcoal drawings document his experience living at a South Korean Buddhist temple. The show is up through  Nov. 30.

After 6 weeks in the temple, the Abbot welcomed Seay for tea. “He embodied perfect concentration. It was as if nothing existed other than the teapot, the water, the cup. Once tea had been prepared, he then focused the same sincere attention to me. Living day-to-day and focusing on the task at hand freed me more than any idea ever could. “When walking, just walk. When listening, just listen. When painting, just paint,” he said. There is nothing else, Just Tea.” See nathanseay.com for more.