South Tabor November 2017

By Sandra Hay Magdaleno

Our October STNA meeting opened with an introduction to a book about one of our most esteemed neighbors, an artist, historian, effective and generous leader by the name of Mary Louise Ott. The book is titled Three Husbands and a Lover. I’ve enjoyed reading the first half of the book comprised of stories and adventures of her life intertwined with a deeper meaning to life in general. They were written by Mary Louise over the years and compiled by her husband, Gary.

Ute Munger was voted in for Treasurer to finish the current term and hopefully beyond. We’re glad to have her back as Treasurer. Welcome and Thank You Ute.

Harvest Fest 2017 was a great success with around 400 attendees. We’re asking for suggestions to improve and grow the event. Of course, accolades are welcome too!  Email The straw bales for benches and decorations were donated to Trinity to help winterize the Community Gardens and we’re looking for ways to recycle most everything we use going forward. Thank you, Duane and Tina, for organizing and all who attended, neighbors, friends, vendors, artists and all. Mark your calendars for 2018 – Sunday, September 16, 2018, noon – 4 pm.

We want to thank Jade District for their great International Night Market east August. STNA shared a booth with Foster Powell NA and plan to do so again next year.

There was discussion and reporting on the NET – Neighborhood Emergency Teams and what each of us individually can do. See for more information. Calling for any Ham Radio operators in our neighborhood to become BEACON trained. The tip for the month by Duane Hanson, was to fill up tubs, sinks and as many containers as possible with water if you have any warning of an imminent disaster. Also, make sure your water heater is secure and that you have a short hose next to the base of the water heater to be able to use as an additional source of water. As a renter, know where the water heater is as well.

There are phone apps for ICE (In Case of Emergency) on your phones that can be used to help locate and/or inform your relatives of your whereabouts. Have hand wipes in storage for sanitary use. Get a case of canned goods, that you’ll actually eat cold if needed. More next month.

The Laurelhurst Safe Zone Ordinance Proposal is a request for a city ordinance to provide safety and livability zones in areas where kids congregate in public parks, to keep those areas clean and safe and yet provide for the needs of the homeless in portions of public areas. STNA will do more research and take a vote regarding the proposed letter at the November 2017 meeting.

The 7 Dees property on SE 62nd and SE Powell Blvd – By delivery time of this edition, STNA members will have met again with the developer, and the City should have received the final proposal for the slated storage facility. Self-service storage is an allowed use in the property’s current CG zone and its new CE zone designation, which goes into effect 1/1/2018.

The Code Reconciliation Project (CRP) is intended to reconcile approved zoning changes with other parts of the code they affect. STNA voted in support of submitting written testimony that addresses limiting self-service storage in commercial zones, retaining some protections of the existing buffer overlay zone, and limiting commercial parking in the new CE zone.

Go to as well as our Facebook page for updated information on the Rapid Transit Project on SE Division, the Yard/Mt Tabor Project with the SE 60th St. entrance to the park and the 64th and Division entrance to the park, the Infill project and more. Search, for updates and timelines on these land use issues, emergency preparedness and much more.

Our next and final meeting for the year is Thursday, November 16 at 7 pm at Trinity Fellowship, 2700 SE 67th with entrance from the parking in the rear. Our Land Use Committee, Communications and Sustainability Committees will meet Tuesday, November 14 at 7 pm at Trinity. Mark your calendars.

South Tabor November 2017

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