South Tabor March 2018


By Sandra Hay Magdaleno

Congratulations and thank you to our new STNA Land Use Chair, Marcelle Thurston who has been appointed to finish the current term! We look forward to your continued service into the next term this May 2018.

Christine Wilson spoke to us on NET, Neighborhood Emergency Team programs and specifically on the BEECN, Basic Earthquake Communications Node Program.  She has been working with the Taborvilla group that includes South Tabor, Mt Tabor, North Tabor and Montavilla NA’s.

Taborvilla has joined forces to map the neighborhoods and make emergency plans for the neighborhoods. She would like to work towards having enough trained South Tabor Residents that we could grow into our own South Tabor NET & BEECN Teams.

Currently there are 48 BEECN stations in Portland. Clinton Park is our Neighborhood Station. The area holds the “Big Box” with the communications, radios and other necessary equipment for communications with fire, police, etc. in the event of an emergency.

To become NET or BEECN trained go to:, There’s room for all people of all ages and all abilities to be part of the teams.

Lenny Dee with Portland Just Energy Initiative spoke on the Transition initiative for all of Portland to help families in need with energy bills, making homes and apartments more energy efficient and helping people get into a career path and good paying jobs. The initiative calls for a 1% tax on grow revenues on large corporations that have over a billion in sales country wide and over a $1M in sales locally. Groceries and pharmacies are exempt. The measure is addressing climate change and economic change.  We will be voting on whether we support the initiative at the March meeting.

There was discussion of the 20 is Plenty Campaign.  It’s a campaign to put 20 MPH plastic bag signs over speed signs to slow down the residential traffic. Other items were noted that back in 2004-2005, local neighbors worked hard with PBOT to add speed bumps (paid for by local neighbors) on SE 62nd and stop signs put in on SE 62nd and Woodward.

It was noted that the city is working on a pilot program for yearly parking passes in all neighborhoods affected by the Residential Infill Project.

Land Use Committee Report:  Kellogg Middle School Development is progressing well. The Mt Tabor Yard Project is moving ahead and there will be an entrance to the park from 64th and Division within the next few years. It appears the lighting of the path will be changed to historic looking lights from the Bollards originally approved. We continue to monitor the Division Rapid Transit Project as well. There is a Pilot project in progress with the new lead and asbestos removal on building demolishes.

The appeal process is proceeding for the 62nd and SE Powell old 7 Dees property development of a 900-unit Self Storage Complex. There have been improvements to the project during the process. We are still pushing for additional improvements. On March 15 the design commission will make its final decision. All are welcome to attend although there will be no new testimony at that time. Please support the requested changes by attending on March 15.

Our next Land Use meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 13 and our next Neighborhood Meeting will be Thursday, March 15. Join us for both meetings at 7 pm at Trinity Fellowship, 2700 SE 67th, entrance from the parking in the rear of the building.  See you there.

South Tabor March 2018

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