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By Sandra Hay Magdaleno

At the March 2018 STNA meeting Julia Percel with the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program at PCC spoke and encouraged all to attend or reach out to people of all ages who could benefit from Adult Basic Education.   66% of future jobs will require education beyond high school.  The State of Oregon has a mandate of 40/40/20 by 2025 where 100% of adults of all ages and nationalities are educated with 40% BA or better, 40% AA or some higher education and the remaining 20% graduates of high school level. Our Oregon high school graduation rate is 77% and the goal is to be above 90%.   The ABE program has a wide range of classes in many different subjects.  There are the core classes on math, reading and writing as well as many other subjects including science, social studies and more.   If someone is on OHP, SNAP or the dislocated worker program, classes are free.  If not, classes are very affordable ranging from $35 to $135 per quarter.

A letter of support was approved with two abstentions for the Lenny D Initiative, more formally called, the Portland Climate Action Community Benefits Initiative.  To summarize, the Initiative request a 1% tax on very large retailers with the money going towards renewable energy and training workers in Oregon to do the work.   This initiative will be on the fall 2018 ballot.  Please go to: for specific details.

More neighbors are preparing for things like a big quake through the NET (Neighborhood Emergency Teams.)  The City of Portland has great videos and training programs.  For more information go to:   Also look for the American Red Cross training programs.  They are awesome too.

Mark your calendars:

Street Clean-up scheduled for May 19, 2018 from 10am to 2pm with more details to come in the May Issue.

Celebrate the life of Dave Etchpare, the 7 Dees manager of 27 years, on July 8, 2018.   He was a great neighbor who regularly supported STNA and other neighborhood organizations in many ways.  Details will be published as they become known.

Updates from the STNA  Land Use Committee:

STNA approved unanimously a letter to City Council in support of the Code Reconciliation Project Recommended Draft, specifically the changes to the Self-Service Storage zoning code. To read more, go to

We discussed the Design Commission’s tentative decision from earlier in the day (3/15) to deny STNA’s appeal of the design review approval of the proposed 900-unit self-service storage building at SE 62nd and SE Powell (former 7 Dees nursery site). The commission added a number of conditions of approval, including directing truck traffic exiting the facility to turn right towards SE Powell and requiring an additional setback on the west side along the bordering residential zone. A hearing is set for 4/19/18 for the Design Commission to render its final decision. Any appeal of that decision would go before the Land Use Board of Appeals. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

Also, Portland for Everyone ( presented to our land use committee their case in support of the Residential Infill Project (

All neighbors are invited to our next neighborhood association meetings:

Land Use Meeting, Tuesday, 4/17/18 and STNA Meeting, Thursday, 4/19/18, both at 7:00pm at Trinity Fellowship, 2700 SE 67th, with entrance from the parking in the rear.   See you there.

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