The Pete Seeger Celebration is an annual event benefitting the Columbia Riverkeepers. This year it’s Sunday, May 6 at the Clinton Street Theatre, 2522 Clinton St. starting at 7 pm.

Each year, this family-friendly event of resistance and song honors Pete Seeger, known best as folk musician and humanitarian. His passion for the Hudson River is well documented as Seeger lived along the river with his wife Toshi. Outraged by the Hudson’s pollution, the couple built a boat named The Clearwater that served as hub of the Hudson River revival.

Not only did the Seegers inspire the Hudson’s clean up, they helped create an organization to protect and restore rivers around the world. See

Pete Seeger and The Clearwater photo © by Dona Crawford

Music and organizing runs strong in the Waterkeeper movement and the evening celebrates Seeger’s birthday, his dedication and creativity and the importance of our Columbia River. Portland treasure Joe Hickerson will perform songs which he learned from, or were written by Seeger during his July 1960 visit to Camp Woodland.

Tickets are $10 in advance (online at or $15 at the door. All proceeds benefit Columbia Riverkeepers.