Come hear Juliana Person tell her stories at the annual Sarah Hauser Festival,  the culmination of the Portland Storytellers Guild season.

Person’s vicariously found her calling when she came to hear a teller she’d met in a writing workshop. When an usher handed her a card to submit for a chance to win a prize by telling a five-minute story, Juliana remembered that time a bear decided to share her tent on an Alaskan camping trip.

Following a bit of coaching during intermission Persons told the bear tale and it just about brought down the house. “I was a little nervous,” she said, ”but then I thought, ‘Wow, this is fun.’”

Come hear Juliana June 2 and fourteen other tellers at:

Clinton Street Theater ~ 2522 SE Clinton St.

Friday and Saturday June 1,2. Door at 7, stories at 7:30.

Tickets for Storython are $12 at  or $18 for a two-night pass at

Remember those old movie plots about a woman plucked from the crowd who goes on to stardom? Well, Juliana Person is not quite there yet but she is a lot closer than she was nine months ago when she traveled from her home in McMinnville to the Clinton Street Theater in southeast Portland for the opening show of the.

Looking forward that September evening to But “I was excited when I filled it out,” she recalls, “but then when my name was called I thought, ‘Oh, my god, what have I done?’ I remembered that my anxiety medicine was home.”

The experience convinced her to attend several of the Guild’s monthly story swaps and that has led her back to that stage.Storython, a juried competition for spots on next season’s performance calendar, gives each teller five minutes.

A native of Sonoma, CA who studied oenology at Fresno State and is now a wine lab technician in Dundee, Person says she plans to describe a surprising up side of her confrontation with a different sort of bear — her successful battle for cancer.

Six of the Guild’s moist accomplished tellers kick off the festival Friday evening, June 1. Doors open at 7 both nights and the stories start at 7:30,

Photos of Juliana Person on stage in September and at a Portland Storytellers Guild “story swap” this month are attached.