Gustafer Yellowgold is a bright yellow, friendly alien conehead visitor who came from the sun and now lives in a cottage in a slightly psychedelic version of the Minnesota woods.

He has a purple pet eel named Slim, one of his friends is a pterodactyl, another is a dragon named Asparagus and he hangs out with a trio of emotional bees. He lives in wonder at the Earth and its treasures.

Creator Morgan Taylor drew Gustafer as a picture book in 2004, This month, Taylor and Gustafer appear at Clinton St. Theatre, 2522 SE Clinton St. on Saturday, July 7 in an 11 am multi-media performance with live music, colored-pencil animations and storytelling fun for the family. Advance tickets are $10, $6 children under 12 at and $12, $8 children at the door. See for more.

12/10/11 5:37:53 PM Gustafer photo shoot © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2011