Pebble at Imago

Pebble is an outsider, an artist; a mystery who yearns to be touched by another, though she spends most of her days with jigsaw puzzles and a deck of cards.

The mental institution where she voluntarily resides is her art studio. She paints horses that appear to be running off the canvas. She flirts with the Medical Orderly and harbors distrust of the Nurse.

One day, a mysterious visitor comes and things begin to unravel through song, dance, and pills shared like snacks.

Pebble by Carol Triffle, is at Imago Theatre May 10-25. It’s a study in missed connections, conflicting impulses and thwarted desires, exploring loneliness and what it means to be an outsider – or an artist.

Pebble at Imago

Imago Theatre is at 17 SE 8th Ave. Tickets at the box office, 503.231.9581 or at  and at Thursday through Saturdays at 7:30 pm with a special two-for-one tickets for Mother’s Day matinee Sunday May 12 at 2 pm.

Pebble at Imago

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