TapWater, Portland’s World Twang band, overflows with musical inspirations from around the world. Their original repertoire is seasoned with global influences, smart songwriting, adept musicianship, and energetic performance. Now they  have a new album, Shoebox Photographs, to be released with two shows Friday and Saturday, May 24 and 25.

Produced by six-time Grammy Award–winning producer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, the record showcases TapWater’s very innovative twelve years of making nonpareil music together.

“If people are indeed made of stardust, you could say the stars truly aligned here, said the band’s Rudi Slizewski. “An album will only be as good as the team behind it, and between our four engineers, our graphic designer, and management, the band itself, and our truly brilliant producer, I think it’s safe to say the dream team manifested.”

TapWater photo by Robert Delahanty

Shoebox Photographs will be released at Fremont 24, a new performance venue at 2393 NE Fremont St., Suite C, May 24 and 25 at 9 pm. Tickets are $12-25, available online at bit.ly/2UzOZ8V.

See tapwatermusic.com for more.