Artists work “in tree”

In the month of June, Sidestreet Arts will be displaying the work of three local artists, Kevin Poest, Michele Sabatier, and Minal Mistry. There will be a warm woodsy feeling to this show as all three artists work “in tree.”

“Vessel, Manzanita Wood” by Kevin Poest

Wood turner and master craftsman, Kevin Poest (known simply as Poest), will be showing an array of finely carved wooden bowls and sculpted wood pieces made from hand-picked unique woods. Poest’s work honors each piece of wood by showcasing grain patterns and irregularities present.

Newest Sidestreet Arts member, Michele Sabatier will be displaying new encaustic works that capture her love for the native woods of the Pacific Northwest. Her captivating and moody pieces capture dense fog creeping through a hilltop forest or clouds hanging over a grove of pines.

“Single Necessity” by Michele Sabatier

Discarded wood and found objects are center stage in Minal Mistry’s sculptural work. Crafting beautiful and evocative pieces from discarded items is key to Minal’s art. Creating art from a recycling or repurposing standpoint is a central theme.

This show will run from June 5th to June 30th

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7th, 6-9 pm.

Drinking with Artists: Sunday, June 16, 12-2pm.

Our receptions are always free and our Sunday event offers brunchy foods, mimosas and an art gift to early guests who walk through our door.

Sidestreet Arts

140 SE 28th Ave./503 327-8064/

Artists work “in tree”

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