Much Ado, new from Enso Theatre Ensemble, was adapted from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. The new version is written by Helena Fisher-Welsh, Caitlin Lushington and Madeline Shier.

A streamlined, 21st century take where friends meet at their childhood summer home to relax and reunite, only to discover old flames, feuds and subterfuge.

Jon loves Hero, who only has eyes for Claudio. Benedick and Beatrice feud until their friends set them up with each other. Margaret waits for Beatrice and Dogberry is hot on the case of Jon’s deception.

It’s like the original: a soap opera and timeless drama of deception and self-deception with all the nuances of a bizarre house party – only performed in an actual Mt Tabor home.

It opens Friday, September 13 at 7:30 pm and continues through September 28 Thursday to Saturdays.

Tickets include one drink and are on sale for $25, at The house address is revealed with ticket purchase. Doors open a half-hour prior to each performance.