Artist Repertory Theatre presents the premiere of La Ruta by Isaac Gomez and directed by Dámaso Rodríguez at Portland Opera, 211 SE Caruthers St.

In Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Marisela and Yoli are searching for their daughters Rubí and Brenda, who never got off the bus that takes the women to and from their factory jobs. 

Brenda and Ivonne work together on the factory line and Ivonne was the last person to see Brenda before she disappeared. Yoli desperately tries to maintain the hope of seeing her daughter again, while Marisela meets bitter heartache. 

Since 1993, women of Juárez, Mexico have been disappearing and no one has solved the mystery. The bus route that takes these women to and from their U.S.-owned factory jobs is often the last place they are seen. 

Based on real life testimonies, each woman represented in La Ruta bears witness to the secrets buried under the hot desert sun. 

The show runs November 2 to December 1 (opening night Friday, November 8, 7:30 pm. Tuesdays – Sundays 7:30 pm, a Thursday matinee at noon and Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm. 

Tickets are $60, $30 student/under 35 with sliding scale Sunday ($10-??): for Sunday evening performances. 503.241.1278 or