Buckman Fundraises a Makeover

By Midge Pierce

Thanks to some busy holiday elves, Buckman Elementary students may return from break to find long-anticipated playground improvements intended to spur creativity for all children, including those with special needs.

Build-out is underway for sensory-oriented, nature play spaces that will include climbing logs with net, a stage, a boulder amphitheater, rain garden, willow forts and shade trees on the upper playground. A labyrinth is already in place. 

The project is needed to replace broken, unsafe play areas on blacktop that was once a parking lot and provide alternatives to an often rain- soaked lower field. Funding is needed to complete the project in spring. 

See bit.ly/34MVJW5 go to the Buckman Elementary School Donately page.

Buckman is also attending to deferred maintenance issues now being addressed that have included security buzzer installation and mold mitigation.


Buckman Fundraises a Makeover

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