“Recycle or Not?” Seeks to Reduce Confusion

Even seasoned recyclers may sometimes wonder if the item in hand is in fact recyclable or not. 

As the New Year dawns and clean up from the holidays ensues, individuals may be faced with items they typically don’t handle and are not sure which bin to put them in. 

Over the summer Metro created the Recycle or Not? online resource to help reduce confusion anytime of the year. The website recycleornot.org is clean and eye-catching, using pictures of items for clarity. 

There’s even a game where users are given an image and short text and the option to click on “trash” or “recycle.” Get the answer right and digital confetti rains down on the screen.

Going a step further, there is also a @recycleornot Instagram account that has featured regular posts since its inception, similar to the website. 

In addition to replies to comments by account administrators, there tends to be lively conversation in the comments by users of the social media platform.

Both the website and Instagram have versions in Spanish, reciclarono.org and @reciclarono, respectively.

“Recycle or Not?” Seeks to Reduce Confusion

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