Business Walkabout: Classique Floors + Tile

By Jack Rubinger

Classique Floors + Tile has been open since 1977 and co-owners Abby Mages and Markus Stoffel have owned the store for the last year and half.

Mages, the primary owner, is carrying on the tradition of a woman-owned business. She and Stoffel previously owned Environmental Building Supplies.

Classique offers a broad selection of floor covering, including cork, carpet, hardwood and wool carpet. Tile options include porcelain, mosaic and ceramic. There are a wide range of countertops for both kitchen and bathroom remodels.

The store, currently at 141st and SE Stark St., is moving to 9th and E. Burnside, a 1930s building at the end of March. The store’s showroom and warehouse will be more centrally located to serve a broad-based area in inner SE, near other similar types of businesses. A larger parking lot will accommodate more customers.

“We’re excited about moving,” said Mages. “It’ll be easy for our customers from all areas of Portland to visit and for us to see people in their homes for measurements.”

“I love this industry,” she said. “We have a great impact on home interiors and we do broad range of work for people, including dealing with asbestos testing and other issues.

“Portland has all kinds of construction, including both older and newer homes. It’s fun to fit the best product and flooring that’s most appropriate to the environment.”

Classique Floors + Tile has 16 employees. There will be a soft opening April 1 with a party to follow.

Classique Floors + Tile

835 E Burnside


Photo credit Abby Mages

Business Walkabout: Classique Floors + Tile

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