Milagro: Con todo Corazón

Con todo Corazón, the title of Milagro’s current season, means “with all our heart.” That’s the spirit and dedication with which we create live performances and community events.

Milagro has provided extraordinary Latino theatre, culture, and arts education for the enrichment of all communities since 1985. On the MainStage, we produce an annual season of premieres that includes one Spanish-language play and a Día de Muertos devised piece. Teatro Milagro, our touring education program, presents original bilingual plays to underserved communities across the nation.

This February and March, our production team for The Corrido of the San Patricios rehearsed, sang, and danced with more energy and dedication than we could have hoped for. Many arts organizations were canceling performances, but we forged ahead in a spirit of “the show must go on.” Then came an Executive Order banning events, and we had no choice but to cancel Corrido four days before the world premiere was set to open.

Canceling a show this late into the production process carries a heavy financial burden. To ensure the livelihood of our artists and staff, we’re asking audiences to support us through individual donations. In this time of uncertainty, we count on our community to take action and show up for the organizations and people who need it the most.

For the immediate future, we’re exploring the potential of digital programming, asking “what could Milagro be without borders?” Stay tuned to and our social media to see what we create.

Photo by Liana Rose

Milagro: Con todo Corazón

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