Montavilla Community Center Upgrades

By Jack Rubinger

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) has begun new energy and water efficiency upgrades at nine city parks and community centers, including Montavilla Community Center (MCC).

Montavilla will receive a new boiler, new variable frequency drive pool pump for the outdoor pool, LED lighting on pathways and building interiors and exteriors, improvements to the output of irrigation systems and their control systems, retrofitted water fixtures and other enhancements.

MCC’s total estimated attendance in the last fiscal year (ending 6/30/2019) was 22,735. Pool attendance is estimated to have easily exceeded 10,000 visits.

Youth basketball referees and athletes have complained about the poor quality of lighting at several community centers and local schools.

Work at MCC is scheduled to start the week of April 20 and will continue in phases over the next several months. The upgrades may not be very obvious to the center’s users, but the outcome will be conspicuous by increased reliability.

“Every savings and efficiency helps us reduce costs, increase reliability and honor the city’s sustainability goals,” said PP&R spokesperson Mark Ross.

In addition to advancing the city and PP&R’s shared environmental goals, these improvements will save PP&R an estimated $45,000 per year in utility costs and reduce the maintenance liability by over $100,000 annually.

Portland Parks & Recreation is making a significant contribution towards the city’s commitment to using 100% renewable energy by 2050. This mark was established by a unanimous City Council vote in 2017, and Portland’s elected officials continue to recognize the importance energy efficiency plays in reaching that achievement.

Contractor McKinstry will be making the upgrades.

Photo credit: Portland Parks & Rec

Montavilla Community Center Upgrades

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