Tavé Fascé Drake is the lead singer of Gerle Haggard, the “all girl, all Merle” tribute band. In another identity, she has a podcast called Peace, Love and Soup; “audio nourishment for the heart and mind.” It certainly is that during these incredible times.

Drake and co-host Brian Delaney have begun their fourth season and received a Regional Arts and Culture Council grant so they’ll share Peace, Love and Soup with the widest audience possible.

Their recent audio trilogy, P-Town Soup, includes interviews with Pulitzer author Michael Cunningham, art activist Jay Critchley, and Narragansett chowder aficionado April Brown. Other episodes include Playa Soup (about Burning Man Fest) and Generation Z for Zeal Soup, showcasing slam poetry, librarians and an in-depth teen roundtable.

It’s a place to find culture, cooking, conversation and recipes. Each episode features musical artists, interviews and, well, soup. Stream it at PeaceLoveandSoup.com, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Tell Tavé your favorite soup and what’s interesting to you these days by emailing peaceloveandsoup@gmail.com.